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& Culture

A culture of embrace,

commonality, and trust.

The culture runs deep here at Edgewater Inn and Local 25, whether you are a long-time local or a passer-through. It controls, defines, pushes, & creates much of what we see, do, hear, and find important.

It requires community and embraces diversity. Embracing the local values, personality, and life. We are a community of folks committed to investment. We invest - in the community, in the culture, in you. We do this because we believe that investing - digging deep and planting - is the best way to see life thrive. We believe that cultivation of that life is key to sustainability, to hope, to bigger things.  It means investing not to the end of just one’s growth, but the growth of many. Take care of yourself and each other.

It thrives on communication. Be thoughtful and present. Communicate openly and kindly.

It is one of our core values to bring an inclusive and community focused establishment to the heart of Edgewater. We believe in supporting local businesses and schools. We believe in providing an exceptional experience and treat everyone as a guest in our home, because they are. High quality, fresh, wholesome, handcrafted food and drinks are our passion. We like to work hard and play hard and find joy in the day to day. Restaurants are hard but some people are meant for it. Our team was meant for it.

Niya Gingerich is the proprietor, she has worked in the hospitality business since she was 12 years old.  She grew up in the area and enjoyed coming to Edgewater Inn during her high school years. She spent the last 15 years operating similar concepts in the neighborhood. Niya worked as a server, bartender and then went on to become General Manger at Mead St Station under the original owners.  She then went on to open Local 46, in 2012, with her husband Grant. She was the day to day operator there for a decade plus.


Local 46 became a neighborhood institution and had an incredibly successful 10-year run. Unfortunately, they did not own the property, the 10 year lease ended and the space was sold to a developer. The entire community mourned the loss of this historic property and cherished community gathering space.  Celebrations of all kinds were shared by the community in that beautiful 100 year old brick building with an expansive and unique biergarten. In 2013 she founded the Tennyson Berkeley Business Associated and acted as president for 7 years. She volunteered countless hours building a small business network and support group that went on to host many free community events and successfully advocated for additional pedestrian safety measures down Tennyson Street. This is just one example of the dedication she has for the community she is a part of.


Her husband Grant owns another neighborhood institution, el Camino Community Tavern on 32nd Ave and owns several historic buildings in the Heart of Highlands Square. Grant is passionate about design and creates a warm and welcoming aesthetic to any place he redesigns.  They share a passion for thoughtful and progressive preservation and are thrilled to bring their vision for another special community space to life in Edgewater.

Meet the Team Coming Soon!
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