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Local 46 Bar & Biergarten is an established 10 year business with a loyal following. Our philosophy is all about building community, our vibe vintage, no fuss, hip yet historic. Our business had a 10 year lease on the space and sadly had to leave at the end of the 10 year run.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to own our space this time around and invest in a thriving community gathering space for Edgewater. It is one of our core values to bring an inclusive and community focused establishment to the heart of Edgewater.

The 2-phase project:

Phase 1 (already in the works!)

Assume operations of existing Edgewater Inn, bringing our proven and long-standing team over to train with current owners and build rapport with their regular customer base while keeping their most valued employees as part of our team. Refresh menu, expand hours of operation. Implement fresh branding that better reflects the current growth and market of Edgewater.  

Hours of Operation upon re-opening will be:

Wednesday, Noon-9pm (bar til 10pm or later)

Thursday, Friday & Saturday, Noon-10pm (bar til 12am or later)

Sunday, Noon-9pm (bar til 10pm or later)

Phase 2 within 18 months of acquisition (ideally opening in Summer of 2023):

Create a separate yet cohesive concept of a “Local” hangout in the “patio” in the existing 2nd bar/dining room area with an expansion.


As mentioned, this space is in place and fully functional, bringing our culture and loyal following from Local 46 to Edgewater right away. We plan to build out out a hand crafted biergarten/patio space full of beautiful landscaping much like we had at Local 46.

Part of what made Local 46 so special was the thoughtful hand-crafted elements of the space. We are hoping to repurpose some of these custom pieces including 8ft metal fence panels (pictured below) with open space to create an open and welcoming feeling but also provide a sense of security and intimacy within the space. Having the taller fence helps provide sound insulation as well.


We had many years to learn how to help create a good balance with our neighbors. The fence would be similar to these pictures with a blend of “barnyard” feeling wood panels and the hand-crafted metal panels. This allows us to further insulate where the solid wood is to add additional sound dampening. We have worked extensively with the City of Denver on sound conscious design elements. They encouraged the fence design that we had at Local 46 which we plan to make even more effective here.


Speakers are also placed at a specific “head height” level aimed down to prevent excessive noise levels from leaving the biergarten space. The 8 ft fence really helps with this.


We also have an artisan wood and metal Biergarten “gate” as our main entrance that will create a beautiful and welcoming ascetic to 25th Ave. The front area currently not being used but staged as a small front patio near the West front entrance will be turned into secured bike and stroller parking. This creates additional pedestrian friendly engagement along 25th Ave.


We will also be continuing with our Bike Club to encourage more biking. Anyone can join the club and any time they bike or scooter, or walk they get 10% of their bill. With this we will have additional bike parking provided, reusing our good looking and efficient bike racks from our Tennyson location along with our bike repair station.

These images are a general idea of the plans that are in the works.

Stay tuned for details as they come!

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